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1. Capacity Building:

Enhancing institutional and human capacities for integrated decision making.

2. Manuals and Policy Tools:

Incorporating the environment into economic and trade policies.

3. Partnerships and Consensus Building:

ETB works intensively with various organisations to develop synergies and build partnerships.

. Enhancing Awareness:

Clarifying the relationships between trade, environment and development in order to design mutually supportive policies.

5. International Cooperation:

Enhancing cooperation between UNEP, governments and relevant intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations.

Publications Archive

ETB Publications

UNEP Studies of EIA Practice in Developing Countries

Fisheries and the Environment Series
- Vol.1 Fisheries Subsidies and Overfishing: towards a structured discussion
(in PDF, 324KB)
- Vol.2 Fisheries Subsidies and Marine Resource Management: lessons learned from studies in Argentina and Senegal (in PDF 287KB)

Environment and Trade

1. Reference Manual for the Integrated Assessment of Trade-Related Policies (English)

Guide d'évaluation intégrée des politiques liées au commerce (French)

Manual de referencia para la evaluacion integrada de politicas relacionadas con el comercio (Spanish)

2. Environment and Trade: A Handbook

Integrated Assessment of Trade Liberalization and
Trade-Related Policies, 2nd Round of Country Studies

1. A Country Study on the Argentina Fisheries Sector
2. A Country Study on the Cotton sector in China
3. A Country Study on the Ecuador Banana Sector
4. A Country Study on the Export crop sector in Nigeria
5. A Country Study on Fisheries Sector in Senegal
6. A Country Study on the Forestry Sector in Tanzania
7. Synthesis Report of the Country Studies

Country Case Studies on Trade and the Environment
1. A Case Study of Bangladesh's Shrimp Farming Industry
2. A Case Study of Chile's Mining Sector
A Case Study on India's Automobile Sector
4. A Case Study on Romania's Water Sector
5. A Case Study on Uganda's Fisheries Sector
6. A Case Study on Philippines' Forestry Sector
7. Synthesis Report - Trade Liberalization and the Environment: Lessons learned from Bangladesh, Chile, India, Philippines, Romania and Uganda

Environmental Impact Assessment
1. Environmental Impact Assessment: Issues, Trends and Practice
2. Environmental Impact Assessment Training Resource Manual, Second Edition

ETB Documents and Other Papers
1. From Globalization to Sustainable Development: UNEP's work on trade, economics and sustainable development
2. Enhancing Synergies and Mutual Supportiveness of Multilateral Environmental Agreements and the World Trade Organization
3. Economic Reforms, Trade Liberalization and the Environment: A synthesis of UNEP Country Projects
4. UNEP Briefs on Economics, Trade and Sustainable Development
5. UNEP/ETB Fact Sheets

Most of ETB's publications are available for downloading online. Other publications can be ordered by contacting the ETB directly. For more information on our publications please contact us.

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