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UNEP/ETB Environment and Trade
Book cover of Ref Manual

(In PDF, 662KB)

Reference Manual for the Integrated Assessment of Trade-Related Policies

This Manual is designed to help policy makers and practitioners - in the developed world and in developing countries - to conduct integrated assessments of the economic, environmental and social impacts of trade policy and trade liberalization. An integrated assessment considers the economic, environmental, and social effects of trade measures, the linkages between these effects and aims to build upon this analysis by identifying ways in which the negative consequences can be avoided or mitigated, and ways in which the positive effects can be enhanced.

Book cover of the Environment and Trade Handbook

(In PDF, 397KB)

Environment and Trade: A Handbook

The Handbook was developed to highlight the relationship between environment and trade. The primary aim is to foster a broader understanding of these interlinkages to enable governments to develop practical approaches to integrating these policies. The Handbook is aimed mainly at those with some knowledge about trade, environment or development, but not expert on the intersection of the three. It is also a practical reference tool for policy-makers and practitioners.

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