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1. Capacity Building:

Enhancing institutional and human capacities for integrated decision making.

2. Manuals and Policy Tools:

Incorporating the environment into economic and trade policies

- Manuals
- Policy Tools

3. Partnerships and Consensus Building:

ETB works intensively with various organisations to develop synergies and build partnerships.

4. Enhancing Awareness:

Clarifying the relationships between trade, environment and development in order to design mutually supportive policies.

5. International Cooperation:

Enhancing cooperation between UNEP, governments and relevant intergovernmental
and non-governmental organisations.

ETB publications

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Manuals and Policy Tools

Manuals and policy tools developed by the Branch aim to assist negotiators, policy-makers and practitioners in assessing the environmental impacts of macro-economic policies, including trade and trade related policies against widely accepted sustainable development criteria.

Developed manuals and policy tools enhance desicion makers' understanding of the potential environmental and socio-economic impacts of their policies and the development of policy response packages to avoid or integrate negative impacts and enhance positive ones.

For more information :
> download our fact sheets in PDF format
- Policies and Tools International Level [ 48 KB ]
- Policies and Tools National Level [ 48 KB ]

Our Manuals

UNEP Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Training Resource Manual, Second Edition

Environmental Impact Assessment Training Resource Manual: EIA Issues Trends and Practice

Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting:
an Operational Manual

Reference Manual for Integrated Assessments

Our Policy Tools

Agreement on Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights

Fishery Subsidies

Energy Subsidy Reform

Integrated Assessment for Achieving Sustainable Trade Policies

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