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1. Capacity Building:

Enhancing institutional and human capacities for integrated decision making.

-Country projects on trade liberalisation and the environment

-Capacity Building Task Force

-Regional and international Meetings and Workshops

2. Manuals and Policy Tools:

Incorporating the environment into economic and trade policies.

3. Partnerships and Consensus Building

ETB works intensively with various organisations to develop synergies and build partnerships.

4. Enhancing Awareness:

Clarifying the relationships between trade, environment and development in order to design mutually supportive policies.

5. International Cooperation:

Enhancing cooperation between UNEP, governments and relevant intergovernmental
and non-governmental organisations.

ETB publications

Capacity BuildingPhoto of a windmill

UNEP works closely with governments, particularly those of developing countries and countries with economies in transition, to assist them in their efforts to enhance their institiutional and human capacities for integrating environmental considerations into development planning and decision-making.

New Documents:

Capacity Building on Environment, Trade and Development
Trends, Needs and Future Directions

UNEP Briefs on Economics, Trade and Sustainable Development

UNEP's Capacity-Building Activities on Environment, Trade and Development

Integrated Assessment of Trade Liberalization and Trade-Related Policies, Country Studies, Round II

UNCTAD-UNEP Capacity Building Task Force, Concept Note

Our activities in this field include

Country Projects - to identify the impacts of trade and trade
liberalisation on national environmental resources and to develop policy response packages including economic instruments that address these impacts.

For more information :
> download our fact sheet in PDF format [ 46 KB ]

The Capacity Building Task Force (CBTF) - A joint initiative of
UNEP and UNCTAD. The CBTF's mission is to enhance countries appreciation of the relationship between trade, environment and development; to enhance countries capacities to
effectively address trade, environment and development issues; and to build confidence and consensus between stakeholders.

For more information :


Regional and International Meetings and Workshops

UNCTAD-UNEP Side Event on Partnerships in capacity building for trade and sustainable development, 3 September 2002, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

Workshop on Capacity Building on Environment, Trade and Development, Washington, D.C., 16 July 2002

Workshop on the Impacts of Trade-Related Policies on Fisheries and Measures Required for their Sustainable Management, Geneva, 15 March 2002

Workshop on Capacity Building on Environment, Trade and Development, Geneva, 19-20 March 2002

Preparatory Workshop on Integrated Assessment of Trade Liberalization in the Agriculture Sector, Geneva, 11 February 2002

July 2001, BAHRAIN -
Regional workshop on trade and the environment

February 2001, MEXICO -

Regional meeting on trade and the environment for Latin America

November 2000 to March 2001, VARIOUS -

UNEP-IEA regional energy subsidy workshops in Paris,
Durban, Bangkok and Chile.

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