UNEP Environmental Impact Assessment Training Resource Manual, Second Edition
The links below provide access to the different parts of the manual. The purpose of these links is to allow users to access the Manual through relatively small files. Together, these links provide access to the entire 600 pages.
Introductory material: These 15 pages extend from the cover page, through the table of contents, and include the acknowledgments and some brief text about the manual.
  Section A: The Manual in Perspective. 27 pages which introduce the manual and explain how to use it.
  Section B: Capacity Building and the Environment. 19 pages which describe the role and importance of EIA training.
  Section C: Training Needs Analysis. 29 pages which outline how to identify or confirm the specific training requirements for a given situation.
  Section D: Course Design, Delivery and Evaluation. 30 pages which contain advice on how to design, present and evaluate training courses.

Topics in Section E: Section E is a series of modules or lesson guides on specific training topics.
  Overview: 2 pages about Section E.
  Topic 1: Introduction and overview of EIA - 33 pages.
  Topic 2: Law, policy and institutional arrangements for EIA systems - 28 pages.
  Topic 3: Public involvement - 31 pages.
  Topic 4: Screening - 37 pages.
  Topic 5: Scoping - 29 pages.
  Topic 6: Impact analysis - 52 pages.
  Topic 7: Mitigation and impact management - 27 pages.
  Topic 8: Reporting - 22 pages.
  Topic 9: Review of EIA quality - 35 pages.
  Topic 10: Decision-making - 21 pages.
  Topic 11: Implementation and follow up - 36 pages.
  Topic 12: EIA project management - 24 pages.
  Topic 13: Social Impact Assessment - 31 pages.
  Topic 14: Strategic Environmental Assessment - 43 pages.
  Topic 15: Future directions - 22 pages.
  Acronyms: A brief list of acronyms and a glossary for terms used in this manual - 7 pages.