International Workshop on the Green Economy Report

Geneva, Switzerland, 5 - 6 July 2010

International Environment House 2,
Châtelaine, Geneva

In October 2008 at the height of the global financial crisis, UNEP launched a green economy initiative, which consists of a number of research activities and country advisory services in partnership with a range of stakeholders. In much of 2009, our focus was on the promotion of a Global Green New Deal, which calls upon governments to invest part of their fiscal stimulus packages to green sectors such as renewable energy, public transport, and water conservation. This work has had an impact - out of some $3 trillion stimulus funds, about 16% has been allocated to broadly defined green sectors. Although the effects of such green investment have yet to be evaluated, the theme of a green economy has been established in the international agenda. It is now one of the two major themes for the Rio +20 (the other theme is international environmental governance).

In late 2009, we started working on a global Green Economy Report, which looks beyond green responses to the financial and economic crisis and makes a case for, and provides guidance on investing in specific environmentally significant sectors as a medium and long-term economic strategy. This research has involved over 70 research institutes around the world, covering the following chapters: renewable energy, industry, transport, cities, buildings, waste management and recycling, fisheries, water, forests, agriculture, tourism, finance, modelling, and enabling conditions.

In light of the above a workshop was organized where the authors of the Green Economy Report shared their initial results/key messages and responded to questions and comments from a broad range of stakeholders. The issues discussed at the workshop together with comments from a technical peer review process will be assembled for guiding the final revisions of the various chapters. We expect the report to be published in October/November this year.

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