Recursos e Investigación para el Desarrollo Sustentable (RIDES), Chile

RIDES is a non-profit corporation established in mid-2002 by a group of professionals from different disciplines but with a common purpose: to contribute to more sustainable development at national, regional and international levels.

RIDES emphasizes in all their work the integration of the three aspects of sustainable development (economic, environmental and social). The values that underpin their work are transparency, alliance building, autonomy and respect for diversity. RIDES embraces transparency of decision-making and free access to all the information it produces. It seeks to build alliances with diverse social actors in order to exchange and share experiences and knowledge. RIDES does not depend financially or institutionally on any other organization or institution. It endeavours to consider and represent the diversity of viewpoints and interests at play. In all its activities, RIDES promotes respect for the diversity of cultures, ideas and opinions.

RIDES’ mission is to promote a more sustainable development at the national, regional and international levels. To meet this objective, RIDES carries out research, promotes dialogue, generates networks and contributes to the dissemination of different perspectives.

RIDES’ thematic areas of activity for 2003-2008 are:

Trade and sustainable development: Promotion of economic and trade policy oriented towards sustainable development
Participation and access to information: Promotion of forums where citizens can access information and participate in public policy-making and international trade agreements
Environmental goods and services: Evaluation and proposals that assist individuals and civil society to participate in the protection of the environment
Strategic evaluation of policies and ecosystems: Generation of knowledge on opportunities where strategic evaluation can promote sustainable development
Governance: Promotion of governance structures oriented towards sustainable development, at national, regional and international levels
Social responsibility: Analysis and publication of material on corporate social responsibility.

In order to cover the above topics, RIDES carries out activities in the following ways:
applied, interdisciplinary, participatory research with the aim of generating concrete proposals and policy recommendations, and identifying best practices
generating dialogues among various stakeholders
network building

Contact: Mr. Edmundo Claro
Director de Proyectos
Andres de Fuenzalida 22, Officina 801
Tel:+56-2-231 8716 / 231 7565
Fax:56-2-232 0616