Korea Environment Institute (KEI), Korea

Established in 1992, the Korea Environment Institute (KEI) is one of the public research institutes of the Korea Council of Economic and Social Research Institutes under the Office of the Prime Minister. As Korea's leading environmental research institute, with 130 researchers including 55 experts, its main objective is to provide science-based policy advice for government, public sector and civil society.

Based on its expertise in social and natural sciences, KEI engages actively in the research and development of environmental policies and technology in the areas of air pollution, water quality, waste management, ecosystem protection and sustainable development. Furthermore, KEI is mandated to review the statement of environmental impact assessment on the major development projects.

KEI has recently extended its activities to include regional and global environmental issues such as trans-boundary environmental problems and mitigation and adaptation of climate change. By participating and supporting UNEP's NISD initiative, KEI aims to contribute to building the capacities of developing countries and countries with economies in transition, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Further information on KEI can be found at www.kei.re.kr.

Contact: 1. Dr. Suh-Sung Yoon, Director
2. Dr. Sang In Kang, Research Fellow
Korea Environment Institute (KEI)
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