Green Accounting: A Virtual Resource Center

This centre provides a searchable database of various materials and Internet links related to integrated environmental and economic accounting, also known as green accounting. It supports the objectives and programme of work of the UN Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting (UNCEEA).

The database is organised in five categories: It provides a summary of each document and, where possible, a link to its full text. The Search Documents functionality can be used to search the database. In cases where the text is not available online, the author's contact information will be provided. Upon request, UNEP ETB may also provide information and documentation on publications not available online.

1- Frameworks

The section includes materials that provide guidance on the implementation of green accounting, including guidelines, handbooks and manuals. These materials cover the key concepts and approaches in this area.

Technical Reports

2- Research Papers

This section includes a collection of journal articles and working/discussion papers that discuss policy or technical issues related to green accounting.

Working Papers
Workshop Papers
Journal Articles

3- Case Studies

These case studies highlight the opportunities and challenges of green accounting in various countries. Most of the studies offer suggestions for implementing green accounting at the national level and provide experiences and lessons to guide future efforts. Some studies also provide environmentally adjusted macroeconomic indicators to reflect the role of the environment in the economy.

Asia & the Pacific
Latin America and the Caribbean
North America

4- Other Materials

Materials incorporated in this section highlight those issues that would support or complement green accounting activities. These include environmental statistics and indicators, environmental valuation, and market-based instruments.

Environmental Statistics and Indicators
Environmental Valuation
Market Based Instruments

5- Related Links

This section provides links to key international and non-governmental organisations, academic and research institutions, and government agencies working on green accounting and related issues. It offers possibilities to connect to other websites, databases, online directories and bibliographies, which are relevant to green accounting.

International Organisations and NGOs
Academic and Research Institutions
Governments and Others

Disclaimer: UNEP – ETB is not responsible for the content of these materials and website links.