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UNEP-GEF Biosafety Projects


A Comparative Analysis of Experiences and Lessons From the UNEP-GEF Biosafety Projects December 2006

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Building Biosafety Capacity:
The Role of UNEP and the Biosafety Unit.
December 2006

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UNEP-GEF Project on Building Capacity for Effective Participation in the Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH) of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

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This website provides further information about the activities of UNEP working on the GEF Initial Strategy on Biosafety:

ABOUT gives background information on the GEF Initial Strategy on Biosafety, and the UNEP activities aimed at implementing that strategy.

DEVELOPMENT PROJECT gives background information and updates on the UNEP-GEF Global Project on Development of National Biosafety Frameworks.

IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT gives background information and updates on theUNEP-GEF Projects on Implementation of National Biosafety Frameworks.

BCH PROJECT gives information on the Biosafety Clearing House Project and its components.

RESOURCES provides links to relevant documents and other resources on the Biosafety projects.

NEWS gives an update on the latest developments in UNEP-GEF Biosafety projects.


December 2007: 98 countries have finalized their NBF
In December 2007, Congo DRC has finalized their NBF, bringing the number of countries that have finished the Development project to 98!
Link to all NBFs.

Link to the Update on UNEP Support for Biosafety Capacity Building in GEF-4.


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