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Workshop for the Development of a Framework for Strategic Integrated Assessment

13-14 February 2003
Chavannes-de-Bogis, Switzerland

The last several years have witnessed an increased recognition of the importance of integrating environmental and social considerations in development planning and decision-making at the policy, planning and programme level. The result has been the emergence of a number of approaches with varying terminologies namely strategic impact assessment, strategic impact analysis, sustainability assessment, and integrated assessment. When closely examining these approaches, it is evident that they attempt to achieve the same objective, and carry more similarities than differences.

Developing a framework which builds on the strength of these approaches and methodologies would clarify the concept behind the terminology, and define and agree on the approach for integrated planning. It will also eliminate the confusion resulting from the multiplicity of terminologies and combine efforts towards the integration of environmental, social and economic objectives, to help achieve sustainable development .

In order to realize these objectives, UNEP established a Working Group, comprising of experts and policy makers in the field of integrated assessment, to develop a framework for strategic integrated planning and to help guide 8 country projects to test the framework. Due to the WTO negotiation currently taking place, the important role given to trade by the WSSD in achieving sustainable development, and emphasis given to poverty eradication at that Summit, particular focus will be given to these two aspects in the development of the framework.

To launch this project, UNEP convened the first Working Group Meeting in Chavannes-de-Bogis, Switzerland, from 13 to 14 February 2003. The meeting reviewed and provided input to the preparation of the framework, and the Working Group agreed on a road map for the testing of the framework and selection and implementation of country projects.

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